Monday, March 27, 2017

ROLL & GO HAIR TOOL - Review and International Giveaway!

Hi dolls!

I am so excited to show you an incredible and groundbreaking hair tool for creating vintage-inspired hairstyles! It’s called the Roll & Go Hair Tool, invented by Lauren Rennells. Lauren is an amazing makeup artist and hairdresser. She is also the owner of the vintage hairstyling store and she runs the Bobby Pin Blog. You may already own her book, Vintage Hairstyling and her Rockin Rollers  (which I gleefully reviewed here). 

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Lauren invented this innovative hair tool that is perfect for creating pin curls, victory rolls, bumper bangs, buns, French twists, you name it! Not only is this tool useful for vintage-style hairdos, it’s extremely handy for making twirly-curly shapes for more modern looking hairstyles. Being so versatile,  you can let your imagination run wild with the Roll & Go Hair Tool!  

Here’s a closeup of the Roll & Go Hair Tool. As you can see it’s a fun and very unique comb with long teeth for rolling and twisting and there’s a comfy central grip for you to hold. These are just a few examples of the hairstyles you can create with the tool: 

The Roll Go Hair tool came in the cute box below........
 ...which also includes bobby pins and a very helpful 32 page instructional booklet filled with step-by-step guides and tips. 
I decided to get rollin' ;) and tried the Roll Bangs first, following the instructions in the booklet. All it takes are 5 easy steps.........
Here I am securing the roll with bobby pins:
Ta-da! Easy as pie! Here are my roll bangs, using the Roll Go Hair Tool:
I also tried out a similar roll, but slightly sideways 
(Lauren's Upright Suicide Roll Tutorial can be seen here):
This is the result! I love how the roll turned out. It looks like a big wave <3 
I would never be able to achieve these styles without the Roll & Go Hair tool!

What I love about the Roll & Go Hair Tool:

-It’s SO easy to use
-It doesn’t require any heat or water!!!
-No tangling; it’s gentle on your hair
-It has two different sized ends so you can create big rolls or smaller rolls  according to your preference
-Its convenient size and weight; you can carry it in your bag and travel with it
-It’s fun!
-It’s a vintage lady’s DREAM

Also, you might have noticed that I often sport bumper bangs (also known as roll bangs) but frankly speaking, I’ve always found it time consuming and tedious creating them myself with no tools. I also often ended up making my rolls huge, much to my despair. I used to try using foam rolls but the visible spongy rolls are not aesthetically pleasing. This is why I couldn’t believe it when Lauren Rennells created the perfect tool to rescue me!

The Roll & Go Hair Tool makes life easier for all rockabilly and pin up dolls. It’s a must have for vintage lovers and all women who like to experiment with fun hairdos. I strongly recommend this revolutionary tool, ladies. You can purchase the Roll Go Hair Tool on Amazon (click here) and at:

Thank you, Lauren Rennels for making a rockabilly gal’s dream come true! J



Lauren is also kindly offering to give one of you lucky readers her Roll & Go Hair Tool! To enter this international giveaway, please follow the below instructions:

1.) Follow Lauren Rennells on Instagram ( and/or Facebook (

2.) Sign up for Vintage Hairstyling's newsletter here:

3.) Follow my Instagram (@hungrycaramella) too and this blog :)

4.) Comment under this post, stating that you'd like to win the Roll 
Go Hair Tool, leaving your e-mail address (or I'll contact you via one of your socials).

The winner will be contacted on April 10th! Good luck and get rollin'! ;)

Monday, March 20, 2017

StyleWe - A classy and unique online fashion shopping platform

Hi cookies!

How are you? I'm doing some spring cleaning these days and I found so many clothes in my room that I don't wear or that I had forgotten about. How did I accumulate all these clothes?? I'm definitely a horder and I might end up on one of those TV shows one day........oh but how can I resist a pretty dress! 

Speaking of pretty dresses, I love the selection of classy dresses that the online store, StyleWe offers. Have you visited or bought from this shop? StyleWe sells gorgeous dresses, tops, bags, shoes, knitwear, skirts, sportswear etc. that are all designed by independent fashion designers. This is why their items are so unique and special. They cover all sorts of styles, catering to women of all ages. In fact one of their priorities is to cater to everyone. They believe in communicating with their clients and they deliver the highest quality fashion items. I simply can't resist. Here are a few of my favorite vintage-inspired items by StyleWe:

Squeal! Dots and a peter pan collar! <3


Deep Gray Crew Neck A-line Simple Cotton-blend Midi Dress with Belt

This red dress is so classically beautiful. A must have! 
How adorable is this yellow dress with the white collar???? <3

And because I'm in the mood for summer...........

Ciao biscottini,

Come state? Sto facendo un po' di pulizia primaverile e ho scovato parecchi vestiti che o non ho mai indossato oppure che non sapevo nemmeno di avere. Sono un accumulatrice compulsiva e vi dico che un giorno finirò su uno di quei programmi in come faccio a resistere a un bel abitino?? Come quelli che vi ho appena mostrato! Tutti questi bei capi sono di StyleWe, un negozio di abbigliamento online che vende articoli di classe, di altissima qualità soprattutto unici. Sì, decisamente unici ed esclusivi perché tutti i capi sono stati creati da designer indipendenti. Da StyleWe troverete stili di ogni tipo ma il mio occhio cade sulla loro selezione stile vintage, ovviamente ;) Vi ho anche mostrato il loro bikini retrò perché meglio essere preparate per l'estate, no? <3

Marvelous, right? I also really like their cute rompers and jumpsuits and with summer 'round the corner, we'll soon be able to flaunt our shoulders...the perfect item to wear is a black off the shoulder top. These tops are actually from JustFashionNow, another amazing designer boutique which you should check out! Here is an post about how to prevent cameltoe in case you're interested.....ta ta for now dolls!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wholesale7 Plaid Dress Review

Hi guys and dolls,

Can't believe it's already March! I'm actually liking the weather. It's obviously not summer yet but it's not freezing so I can wear my cute dresses for this kind of in-between weather. Speaking of cute dresses, the perfect dress for this kinda season is the one I'm about to show you, that I received from Wholesale7. I recently reviewed a different yet equally cute dress by Wholesale7 on my blog so you might recall this online store. They offer so many gorgeous clothes and they're really popular because of their high quality items and low prices. I am a big fan of their clothes, especially their fashion dresses. They have such an incredible selection; you'll find kawaii/cute dresses, provocative dresses (for you daring ladies ;)), retro-style give you an idea here I am wearing:

Isn't it adorable? I can imagine Twiggy wearing this in the 1960s :)
I'm so in love with the collar and the pockets! <3
Adoro il colletto e le tasche! <3

Ciao dolcezze,
Non mi sembra vero che siamo già a marzo! Il tempo quì è gradevole, non è ancora estate ovviamente ma non fa freddissimo quindi posso sfruttare i miei vestiti perfetti per questo periodo né qui né lì. Un abito perfetto è quello che vi ho appena fatto vedere, di Wholesale7. Forse vi ricorderete di questa marca; recentemente ho postato una recensione di un'altro vestito sempre di questo negozio online. Io vado matta per i loro abiti kawaii (adorabili) e soprattutto per i loro vestiti che hanno un tocco di retrò.

Che ve ne pare di questo vestitino plaid, un po' mod? A parte, le tasche e il colletto (non resistooo ai colletti!), trovo l'accostamento grigio - giallo particolare e grazioso. Riguardo il materiale, sono rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa dalla qualità davvero ottima. Le maniche a maglia sono morbide ed elasticizzate mentre l'abito plaid è ancora più morbido e lanoso. Questo abitino tiene caldo! Per quanto riguarda la misurazione, ho seguito la tabella delle taglie sul sito e infatti ho scelto la taglia giusta (la M) ma se avete dubbi, potete scrivere allo staff del negozio, sempre gentile. Il servizio è eccellente; il pacco è stato spedito in maniera celere e un'altra cosa bella di Wholesale7 è che spediscono sempre con il tracking quindi puoi tracciare il tuo pacco come una pazza (come ho fatto io). Ero impaziente. Non ho tutti i torti, giusto? ;)

The combination of yellow and grey is lovely, isn't it? Apart from being a really delightful dress, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fabric. The knitted sleeves are soft and stretchy (wow!) and the plaid dress itself is even softer, thick and it feels woolly. It kept me nice and warm all day long. As for the sizing, I followed the size chart and went for a Medium. I'm glad I did because the dress feels just right; it's neither big nor tight and I can comfortably sit in it, which is very important for me :) 

Regarding the service, I was kindly and promptly assisted. The staff at Wholesale7 is very efficient and my package was sent right away and the tracking number was e-mailed to me so I could monitor the status (and you bet I did, haha!). If you haven't heard of this brand and if you like unique and affordable outfits, I highly recommend Wholesale7. Ciao for now, ladies! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

FashionMia Wishlist

Hi cookies!
Hope you are well. I'm actually enjoying the weather over here as the sun is shining and that's what matters the most! 

Boy oh boy do I have some pretty items to show you today! I always get super excited when I see vintage style/1950s inspired clothing and Fashionmia is a brand that offers dresses that are just up my alley! Have you heard about this brand and online clothing store? As indicated on their site, Fashionmia offers "irresistible and affordable clothing" which is absolutely true. Their prices are low and their selection is incredible! If you aren't retro obsessed like me, you'll still find pieces that will tickle your fancy at Fashionmia, as they cover so many styles to satisfy anyone's taste. You'll find unique and flattering dresses, cute t-shirts, cozy jackets and sweaters, men's apparel, plus size clothing, accessories and even corsets! Here below is my FashionMia Wishlist. 

It was very difficult to choose just a few items for this list as everything they sell is so tempting!  These are my favorite bodycon dresses by Fashionmia:

Isn't the bow so pretty? Looks just like something out of Mad Men...

These below are some of my other favorite dresses by Fashionmia:

Isn't the red and yellow combination stunning??

I love checkers and I love peter pan collars.....

Aren't these dresses stunning? Which one is your favorite? 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wholesale7 Striped Dress Review

Hi guys and gals,

As you can tell from the title of this post, today I'm going to show you an adorable striped dress that Wholesale7 kindly sent me! Do you know this fashion brand and online store? Wholesale7 offers gorgeous clothing for women, fashionable clothing for men and super cute clothes for kids and even babies! They have such a large selection of items, guaranteeing high quality and low costs. As for the style?? Oh, there are so many styles to choose from! Classic, trendy, kawaii, elegant, sporty.....I could spend hours exploring their products. Have you checked them out? If yes, you'll know what I mean :)

Without further ado, here I am wearing the Wholesale7 

Isn't it darling? I think it's the perfect balance between cute and classy. It has a 1960s flavor.....the moment I saw the pussy bow, I knew I had to have it! I'm wearing woolly tights underneath because it's winter but I'm sure I'm going to be wearing it often once it gets warmer too. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft and sturdy material and I'm definitely impressed with the quality. 

As for the sizing, I went for a size M and you can see it fits me to a T! The right choice was made not only thanks to the useful size chart (which you'll find under every single dress at the Wholesale7 site, by the way!), but because of the sweet lady working  at Wholesale7, who gave me advice (thank you, Maggie! :)).

Ciao bambole (e bambolotti ;)),

Vi ho appena fatto vedere il mio vestito carinissimo di Wholesale7, che mi hanno gentilmente regalato. Conoscete questa marca e questo negozio online? Wholesale7 offre una grandissima selezione di vestiti sia per donne, che uomini e bambini (e neonati!!). I loro punti di forza sono: i prezzi bassi, la qualità alta e gli abiti deliziosi!! Anche il servizio è ottimo! Troverete praticamente ogni tipo di stile da Wholesale7, dall'elegante, al sportivo, al kawaii....vedere per credere!

Cosa ne pensate del mio vestito? Secondo me è unico! E' perfettamente adorabile/sbarazzino e di classe. Poi sapete, non resisto a un fiocco così! Lo potrò sfruttare anche quando comincerà a fare più caldo. Sono rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa dalla qualità, il tessuto è morbido e resistente. Per quanto riguarda la taglia, io ho scelto una M seguendo la tabella di misurazione (molto utile!) sul sito e sono anche stata consigliata dalla gentilissima Maggie, di Wholesale7. Direi che l'abito mi sta a pennello, no? Stra-consiglio Wholesale7

I can only praise Wholesale7 for their excellent fashion items and excellent service! So, what are you waiting for? Take a peek at their store! 
I'm following Wholesale7's official account on Instagram, which you should check definitely out too:

Have a nice week everyone...buona settimana a tutti <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Born Pretty Store - Jewelry Review

Hi guys and dolls,

Happy Valentine's Day! Perfect for the occasion (love should be celebrated every day, by the way! ;)), I'd like to show you today some beautiful jewelry pieces that Born Pretty Store kindly sent to me. In case you haven't heard about it already, Born Pretty Store is an online store that offers everything under the sun; nail art, makeup, contact lens, jewelry, hair extensions, kawaii stationery, kitchen gadget, pet supplies, mobile phone cases....oh and clothes! You'll find party dresses, swimwear, nightgowns, clothing for children and even body shapers! The prices are very low so if you skim through their items, you might end up wanting everything....PLUS, Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide! They sell some of the most unique things and I think no matter what your taste is, they'll have something "in store" :) 

These are the beautiful accessories that  I received from Born Pretty Store:
 Here I am wearing Born Pretty Store's

Shiny Rhinestone Necklace Elegant Rose Gold Romantic Dual Heart Pendant:

 Isn't it beautiful? So delicate...I love the rhinestones and the overlapping hearts <3 <3 Perfect for Valentine's Day! 

Here's a closeup of my Cherry Blossom Earrings from Born Pretty Store:
Not sure if you can tell from the lighting, but these are a pastel shade of pink. Sooo feminine! 
I also received this super cute
I love the color and the maneki nekos!

Buon San Valentino a tutti!

Giusto in tempo per la festa dell'amore (che secondo me, dovrebbe essere festeggiato Ogni giorno! ;)), ho ricevuto degli accessori meravigliosi da Born Pretty Store. Questo negozio vende di tutto e di più, dalla cancelleria (molto kawaii!) alle mutande, dal makeup ai gadget per la cucina, poi vestiti (non solo per te ma anche per il vostro cane!) a volontà. Inoltre, lo staff è gentilissimo. Se non avete già dato un'occhiata a questo negozio, vi suggerisco di farlo! Come avete visto dalle foto, io sono molto soddisfatta con i miei accessori di Born Pretty Store. Oltre a essere bellissimi, sono anche di ottima qualità. Quale vi piace di più: la collana doppio cuore, gli orecchini fior di ciliegio o il braccialetto con i gattini portafortuna?? :) Buon San Valentino a tutti! <3


I'm very happy with these beautiful items from Born Pretty Store and the quality is great too! If you haven't already, you should definitely take a look at their store and amazing selection of products! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!