Monday, November 28, 2016

1950s Mexican style

Hi guys and dolls!

 Hope you are well. I'm very lucky to be still enjoying sunny and warm weather over here. In today's post, I'm wearing two Mexican flavored outfits; many people often think I'm Mexican so these two outfits really bring out the Mexicana in me! :) The first one is my authentic 1950s Southwestern patio dress and the second outfit consists of my red capri pants and black peasant/gypsy top. I'm wearing my red headscarf of course and little red hoop earrings to complete the looks. 
 My little chi is also from Mexico of course so he is just perfecto
for this photoshoot! <3

Ciao a tutti!

Spero che stiate tutti bene. Nel post di oggi, indosso due outfit ispirati alla moda messicana degli anni 50. Molte persone che non mi conoscono mi scambiano per messicana quindi questi due look mettono in risalto la messicana in me! ;) Il primo abito è un autentico vestito "fiesta" del sud-ovest, degli anni 50 ed il secondo look consiste in un paio di pantaloni capri rossi e un top stile gypsy. Fascia rossa immancabile sulla mia testa e un paio di orecchini rossi completano i look. E infine, c'è il messicano doc, il mio chihuahua! <3 Hasta la vista!

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hi guys and dolls,

My cousin's daughter is starting to study for her first communion, in spring. It'll be an important event in her life and she already wants to find a pretty dress! I guess she took after me ;) Sometimes, physical shops don't have much of a selection but I know of an online retailer called Mariakommunion that offers a variety of gorgeous communion dresses, or more specifically: Kommunionkleider

Mariakommunion is the perfect store if you're looking for special, high quality and affordable communion dresses and accessories (such as beautiful, delicate gloves). This online shop delivers worldwide so you can order from the comfort of your home. Here are a few communion dresses from Mariakommunion's 
2016 kommunionkleider selection:

Organza Duchesse-Linie Flügelärmel Bodenlanges Erstkommunion Kleid

Doesn't this dress below remind you of something out of Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice?? :)
Aren't the bow on this dress and the frilly sleeves so pretty? The veil adds such a graceful touch, too!
This dress below belongs to the Kommunionkleider Schlicht category; 
it's simple yet equally stunning:
I love the peter pan collar of the dress below and the cupcake shape! <3

Ciao bellezze,

Vi ho appena fatto vedere degli abiti bellissimi per la prima comunione di Mariakommunion. Questo negozio vende vestiti da comunione ed accessori (come guanti) molto graziosi, di alta qualità e a prezzi convenienti. Spediscono in tutto il mondo quindi si può tranquillamente ordinare da casa. A volte i negozio "reali" non vendono i vestiti che vogliamo e devo dire che da Mariakommunion gli abiti sono davvero particolari e delicati. Il secondo abito nel mio post sembra uscito da un romanzo di Jane Austen, tipo Orgoglio e Pregiudizio! :) 

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Hi guys and dolls!

The other day, I was wearing one of my polka dot dresses and a lady on the street stopped me and complimented my unique style. I actually thought her style was unique as she was wearing a purple jumpsuit and a big, black, floppy hat. Goes to show how everybody has their own distinctive style! 

A perfect online fashion shopping platform that caters to women of all tastes and styles is StyleWe (click here). You will find literally any trend at this online shop, from maxi dresses to kimono-style tops to biker jackets. They offer such a vast selection of unique, high quality clothing at StyleWe that it gets addictive scrolling through their items! Independent fashion designers work for StyleWe so exclusivity is definitely one of the main characteristics of this online store. Another noteworthy characteristic of StyleWe is that they are very customer-oriented. They give lots of importance to their clients and designers, creating a very interactive community. They highly value interaction. 

Y'all know by now how much I love polka dots and hey hey, Stylewe offers a gorgeous selection of dots:

Speaking of spots, here are some of my favorite items from Stylewe:
This 1950s style dress below is a dream!!!

Jungle Me Sweet Polka Dots Sleeveless A-line Midi Dress

Oh I really want this checkered dress (too!):
This pink mini dress is very 60s/mod:

KAN. F Pink Pockets Solid Girly Mini Dress

I love the color mustard and I love the pussy bow collar on the dress below!!!

Even Though Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt Collar Plain Midi Dress with Belt:

Dabuwawa Green Bow Cotton Casual Jumpsuit:

I'm obsessed with high waisted jeans, and these are gorgeous, vintage style!

Feemouche Dark Blue Casual H-line Straight Leg Pants

Winter is approaching and this classy set would be perfect in my closet (and on me!!):

Susongeth Gray Buttoned Long Sleeve Plain Shirt Collar Two Piece Elegant Midi Dress

Ciao bambole, vi ho appena fatto vedere i miei capi preferiti che vende il negozio online, StyleWe. Ovviamente ho scelto i vestiti stile vintage/retrò che rispecchiano il mio stile, ma da StyleWe troverete letteralmente qualsiasi stile di moda e c'è da perdersi nella loro vasta selezione! I capi sono di alta qualità e sono unici, come lo sono gli stilisti di StileWe. Date un occhiata a questo negozio ed anche al loro Youtube dove potrete anche trovare recensioni. StyleWe da molta importanza ai loro clienti, una qualità davvero pregevole!
So, are you done swooning yet? ;) Being a vintage lovin' gal, I just showed you a few of my favorite, classy (and gooorgeous) pieces from StyleWe that are 1950s/1960s inspired. If you are more into avant-guarde, eccentric, tomboy fashion or any other style, you'll find equally impressive clothing that screams your name at StyleWe. Check them out at as well as on their YouTube channel. Ciao for now dolls!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Get rhythm, when you get the blues

Hi guys and dolls,

In today's post, I'm wearing my authentic 1950s southwestern patio/fiesta dress and perfect for the occasion, my Irresistible Me ( clip in extensions. I still can't get over how natural-looking these hair extensions are and how they are exactly the same color as my hair! I've been getting lots of compliments about my hair that has suddenly gotten so long ;) 

Ciao bellissime,

Per il post di oggi, mi sono messa il mio vestito western, vintage degli anni 50. Questo tipo di abito viene chiamato anche "patio dress" o "fiesta dress" avendo origini messicane e nativo-americane (Navajo). Perfette per l'occasione sono le mie extension di Irresistible Me ( Ancora non mi sembra vero come sembrino naturali, è come se fossero miei questi capelli! Ricevo molti complimenti per i "miei" capelli, che di un tratto sono diventati lunghissimi ;) Buon inizio settimana a tutti e ricordatevi...come cantava 
Johnny Cash: "get rhythm, when you get the blues
(vai col ritmo quando ti viene il blues).

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions Review

Hi dolls!

I'm super excited to show you my clip in extensions from the American company, Irresistible Me. I have never tried hair extensions but I've always wanted to. For the past five years, I've been keeping my hair, shoulder/a bit below shoulder length to create 1950s inspired hairstyles but I do miss having longer hair, down to my tummy! This is why I'm so happy that Irresistible Me contacted me and I got to discover their amazing hair extensions, made out of 100% human, Remy hair! In a few minutes, you can turn into Rapunzel! You'll find numerous types of clip in extensions as well as wigs, hair tools and accessories on the Irresistible Me website. All of their products are pretty irresistible, as is their packaging: 
Inside my Irresistible Me box, I found this see through pouch, containing the extensions as well as two extra clips. The little circle of hair on the right is a sample of the same hair on the left. This way, you can test out the extensions and should they be a different color from what you expected, no problem, you can send them back and exchange them without having to open the actual set of extensions that are sealed in the left side of the pouch. My hair extensions are EXACTLY the same color as my own hair. Almost scary!! 
Now, when I saw the bundle of hair in the net on the left side of the pouch, I thought there wouldn't be much hair inside. Boy was I wrong. There are 9 ''pieces'' and that's excluding the sample, which I use as well! This picture below doesn't do the extensions justice but it's to give you an idea of how many clip ins to expect!! They took up half of my big bed! 
Madison Williams, from Irresistible Me, who is so sweet, kindly guided me and helped me choose the right extensions for me. There are also a couple of useful videos on choosing the right color (here and here), uploaded on Irresistible Me's YouTube channel. I chose the extensions in the color ''Silky Natural Black (#1b). Having thick, (half) Asian hair, I opted for the 200 grams (which is the total weight of the extensions) and chose the 18 inch long clip ins. You can choose a different weight and different length, according to your hair type/preference. 

Look at how glossy and healthy the hair looks below. I took this picture in the sun -that's why the hair looks brown- which is exactly how my hair looks when sunlight hits it :) As you can see there are sturdy clips on the extension that look extremely natural worn. I was worried that they would be noticeable but thankfully, they blend into my own hair and are so easy to put on!
Before and After wearing my IrresistibleMe Extensions:
The quality of the extensions is excellent and the hair feels soo silky!
Don't I look just like Yoko Ono in the 1960s?? ;)

Ciao bambole, 

Vi ho appena fatto vedere le mie extension dell'azienda americana, 
Irresistible Me. Queste extension (100% capelli veri) hanno un aspetto così naturale che nemmeno si notano che sono extension! Non so voi ma io non ho mai avuto esperienze con le extension anche se le volevo sempre provare. Da parecchi anni, i miei capelli sono abbastanza lunghi ma non lunghissimi quindi queste extension sono perfette per trasformare il look e diventare Rapunzel in un batter d'occhio! Sono divertenti ed essendo capelli veri, puoi trattarli come tali; li puoi lavare, liscare, arricciare ecc.

Devo dire che non mi aspettavo delle extension così belle, di alta qualità e così naturali. I capelli sono lucidi, setosi e le extension sono poi facilissime da mettere. Nella scatola di Irresistible Me, ho trovato dieci extension e due mollette supplementari. Una delle extension è un campione che si può provare prima di aprire l'intero set di extension. In caso il colore non dovesse essere giusto, le extension si possono restituire. 

Il colore che ho scelto io (Silky Natural Black) è esattamente il colore dei miei capelli. Io ho scelto le extension di 200 grammi e di una lunghezza di 18 pollici (circa 45 centimetri). Ci sono varie opzioni e puoi scegliere in base alla tua preferenza e tipo di capello. Madison Williams, di Irresistible Me, è gentilissima e se avete delle domande o dubbi, lei è sempre lieta di assistervi. Sono molto soddisfatta e stra consiglio le extension di Irresistible Me.

I'm really happy with my Irresistible Me Hair Extensions. They're shiny, so soft, natural looking, easy to wear and a lot of fun. Can't believe I didn't try them sooner! I bet if I hadn't told you I was wearing extensions, you wouldn't have known....that's how natural these Irresistible Me clip in extensions are! Madison is so helpful and service was excellent. I highly recommend Irresistible Me

Off to try out some other looks with my extensions now! The amazing thing is that since the hair on these extensions is real, you can treat it like real hair. Wash it, curl it, straighten it. Hmm, I could straighten my extensions for a 1960s Cher look.....

Monday, September 26, 2016

Elvis Milkshake

Hi guys and dolls!

In August, I went to an American Diner (American Graffiti) with my friend Bibi. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that one of their milkshakes is called ''Elvis Milkshake''!!! I was in seventh heaven. It's the first thing I ordered, of course :)

Ciao a tutti!

In agosto sono andata al diner, American Graffiti con la mia amica Bibi. Non ho creduto ai miei occhi quando ho visto che servivano un milkshake che si chiama ''Elvis''!!! E' fatto con gelato alla vaniglia, banane, burro d'arachidi, sciroppo di cioccolato e panna montata. Un milkshake degno di un Re ;) Ero in paradiso:
The milkshake contains vanilla ice-cream, peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top! Fit for a King ;) 
My Elvis bag was perfect for the occasion!
Bibi and me both wore stripes and a bandana <3
In between King Elvis and Queen Marilyn <3
A diner isn't a diner without a jukebox! 
Blue Moon of Kentucky, Heartbreak Hotel, Long Tall Sally, Shake Rattle and Roll, Tutti many songs to choose from! 
 For dessert, I went for a banana split.....
I wasn't expecting such a big portion!!

Inutile dirlo ma questa esperienza è stata un sogno per me. Musica anni 50, cibo anni 50 e location anni 50.....potrei subito trasferirmi in questo diner! 
Mi berrei un Elvis milkshake al giorno ;)


Needless to say, this whole diner experience was a dream to me! 1950s food, 1950s music, 1950s style location. I could easily move out of my house and live here. I'd have an Elvis milkshake everyday! <3